We at Technicolour know that small scratches and dents can leave your ego bruised as much as a fender-bender or a larger collision can. The event of being separated from one’s vehicle can deeply affect one’s life, therefore we take the utmost care during the entire repair process. We will keep you up to date whilst your vehicle progresses throughout our TPS (Technicolour Production System), up until you get informed that your vehicle is ready for collection. We do not only restore your confidence in your vehicle, but also return it to it’s original and superb factory condition, giving you that tingly feeling you got when you first laid eyes on it.

Technicolour | Services | Dent Removal and Repairs

Dent Removal & Repairs

Paintless Dent Removal & Hail Damage Repairs

We understand that dents can ruin the appearance of your luxury vehicle. On our premises we have permanent highly-skilled Paintless Dent Removal specialists, making it easier for you to get rid of those dents that seem to appear “out-of-the-blue”. So that nasty little ding from your grocery trip will be a thing of the past.

Technicolour | Services | Accident Repair Auto Body Accident Repair

Accident Repair

Auto Body Accident Repair

Knowing that your prized vehicle is badly damaged after a car accident can leave you feeling pretty disheartened, but we at Technicolour will turn your post-accident repair ordeal into a positive and memorable service experience. We make sure that we only have the most highly-skilled and trained repair team, promising you that when you see your vehicle again, you won’t even be able to tell where the damage was.

Technicolour | Services | Diagnostics and Measuring

Diagnostics & Measuring

Diagnostics & 3D Electronic Measuring System

At Technicolour we have an exceptionally skillful Diagnostics team will ensure you no more inconveniences after your car has been repaired after an accident. Our accredited Digital Assessment team will do a thorough 3D diagnostics check and electronic measuring to certify that your vehicle is in order and up to our high standards.

Technicolour | Services | Wheel Alignment & Tyre Replacement | Removal & Refit of Glass

Wheel & Tyre

Wheel Alignment & Tyre Replacement

The only thing between your car and the road is your tyres. Wouldn’t you prefer to have a peace of mind knowing that your vehicles wheels are in perfect alignment and structure, ensuring proper road safety? At Technicolour we utilize Hunter wheel alignment and tyre balancing technology to be able to guarantee only the best for our clients and their vehicles.

Technicolour Services | Spray Painting | Auto Body Repair Centre

Spray Painting

Professional Spray Painting

In conformance with our high standards, we have dry flatting preparation bays, infrared curing systems, 3 spray booths and 2 specialized mixing booths with the most technically advanced mixing methods, to ensure that we can accurately replicate the exact colour of your vehicle. Our Spray booths are down-draught with massive extractor fans and filters to make sure we can be as eco-friendly as possible. With over 30,000 colours available, we can guarantee a 100% colour match!

Technicolour Services | Polish | Paint Protection Polish & Headlight Polishing & Detailing


Paint Protection Polish & Headlight Polishing
& Detailing

Our polishing and detailing department only has the finest polishers, some with over 20 years’ experience, turning traditional polishing into a form of art. We can easily remove any swirl marks, minor scratches, scruff marks and dust nibs, giving your vehicle a brand-new shine, making it look as good as new!

Ceramic Pro

The Ceramic Pro range is formulated by a qualified chemist with a high level of experience in the industrial protective coating field.

Ceramic Pro has been specifically formulated for Automotive substrates and is always undergoing extensive testing for new and improved versions to take the coating industry to new levels. Ceramic Pro is trusted by Carlsson, and also ecurie25 in Australia to protect their $8+ million dollar Exotic Super car Collection. The Ceramic Pro 9H Permanent Paint Protection coating is an “Above 9H” rated coating with superior Chemical Resistance, Super-Hydrophobic Effect, UV Resistance, Scratch Resistance, Temperature Resistance and Corrosion Resistance. Ceramic Pro has been tested & certified by “SGS” – SGS is the world’s leading inspection, verification, testing and certification company.


Why choose Technicolour?

We can repair all major brands but our speciality is exclusive, high-end, luxury vehicles, which also includes rarer and exotic cars of all kinds. Technicolour is a market leader in the automotive body repair industry; having received numerous manufacturer and insurance awards for high levels of CSI (Customer Satisfaction Index) and exceptional quality of workmanship.

Technicolour has been awarded the overall Winner of the Year by Mercedes-Benz South Africa (MBSA) as the top Automotive Body Repair Centre in the country, not once, not twice, but three times since 2010. Technicolour belongs to SAMBRA (The South African Motor Repairers Association) an association of The Retail Motor Industry Organisation. Approved by a number of OEM’s (Original Equipment Manufacturer’s) such as: Mercedes-Benz, Alfa Romeo, Fiat, Audi, Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Ford, Hyundai, Nissan, Lexus, Mitsubishi, Smart, Toyota, Volkswagen and Volkswagen LT, making Technicolour one of the preferred panel suppliers of most insurance companies.

What can we do for you?

Protect your investment by allowing only the most highly trained and qualified technical team to work on your vehicle at our exclusive auto body repair centre. Many body repair shops are able to provide common routine maintenance, but not all shops understand and meet the terms of repair and restoration of luxury high-end vehicles that have been damaged in an accident.

Technicolour | What can we do for you | Auto Body Repair Centre
  • Our facility is a 7 000 m² under roof centre where all operations and procedures take place. Once your vehicle enters the establishment, it will stay protected under a roof at all times until your newly repaired vehicle is handed back to you.
  • Our technicians and artisans are factory trained, providing you with the highest quality repair work available.
  • Our skilled team includes individuals who underwent specialised training in vital areas bringing wold-class knowledge to the table. Would your confidence level get a boost if you knew that our aluminium technician went for training at the Ferrari factory learning how to do aluminium repairs?
  • There are significant differences in the handling and repair processes as well as the tools and equipment used during restoration of high-strength steels, aluminium and other materials that are used for exclusive vehicles. Our operations comply in both areas; special handling procedures of aluminium products and specialised tools are used for reparations thereof.
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Client Testimonials

  • The best bodyshop I have ever seen...They repair any car to showroom condition and It looks like a factory for Mercedes benz... Also seen some Porsches on the floor.. Amazing to see how they repair these high-end vehicles with such high standards and still keep the factory warranty.. Excellent

    Martin Keller
  • One of the best panel beaters in Bloemfontein, and accredited for Mercedez Benz and Audi repairs. You are kept updated through the whole process with friendly service.

    Yolandi Van Der Westhuizen