Typically, we have two types of accidents…

The one you try and hide from your spouse while driving away from the scene and the other one where the lovely towing guys circle your car like vultures around a fresh carcass….

Let’s look at the one where you are able to get out and argue with the other driver, pole or pavement. You know that feeling Marelize must have had when her video went viral, that’s you right now. Red faced and everybody is staring at you. It’s not a great feeling, we know.

After leaving your dignity and some of your vehicles remains behind, you find yourself looking for the “best” auto body repair centre in town.

What happens next is clear as mud. You walk in, embarrassed, frustrated and in general, not feeling lekka. Our friendly staff take you in like a lost puppy off the streets and assist you with an estimate of repair. Our team will inform you of any dangers in driving and polish out any of the visible evidence, “if possible”, to prevent the neighbours laughing at you when you get home.
Say your car has lost a limb or is leaking fluid from who knows where. No choice but to hand it over to the swarming towing guys. Would you prefer your car to get towed to a dodgy-looking outdoor scrap yard or to our world-class 7200m2 under roof facility, where your prized possession will be kept safe and under 24-hour security? The ball’s in your court…

An Estimate goes something like this: Take tons of photos of the damaged vehicle, upload them onto various platforms, get whatever part prices are necessary, ask for part availability, contact suppliers all over South Africa, guess what mess lies behind the damaged parts still attached to the vehicle, and last but not least, try to figure out which nuts, bolts, clips or small plastic parts were left at the accident scene.

A real riot, right? Yeah… we thought so to.

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