Computers and on-board systems can be affected regardless of invisible physical damage. Therefore, at Technicolour we have distinct diagnostic technicians employed especially for the purpose of inspecting and repairing any and all defects after an accident.

We have both the equipment and the staff on-site to not only inspect, but also repair these systems.  We comply with all manufacturer approval equipment requirements.

We use:

  • Mercedes Benz STAR diagnostic system
  • Bosch Diagnostic system
  • Naja 3D Electronic Measuring system
  • John Bean Wheel alignment machine which is compliant with Mercedes Benz, VW, Toyota and all other manufacturers.
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3D Electronic Measuring System

If your vehicle’s chassis structure, frame, or suspension was damaged in a crash, our technicians are able to detect, correct and straighten that with the use of 3D laser measuring system. From front to back, the 3D Laser measuring system is a vital tool as it:

Technicolour | Services | Measuring
  • Measures the extent of the damage
  • Allows adjustments to be within factory specification
  • Gives documented proof
  • Highest Quality Equipment

Technicolour use the best equipment in the industry. This high tech measuring system will provide you with a printed document, showing you that your vehicle was repaired properly and to original factory specifications.

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