Boom! Crash! Bang… Everybody okay?
Your car is shattered and smashed…
How the hell will it ever be the same again?

Let us tell you about the most ridiculous business on earth.
Envision a world where your business is repairing vehicles for a frantic client and you basically have to pull a rabbit out of a hat every single time to make sure the vehicle looks better than it ever did before.

Our facility revolves around screwed-up cars, frustrated clients, an insurance autocracy, an assessor telling us what we can and can’t fix and at what price, a broker doing everything possible to satisfy his client and a vehicle manufacturer whose strict guidelines we have to follow while repairing the vehicle back to factory standard.

Sounds fun doesn’t it? We wouldn’t exactly call it a “joy ride”.
Our role is to repair a car as quickly as possible, as cheaply as we can (or we get no more work), follow rules of a motor manufacturer, make sure the client is comfortable and happy while he has no transport. And last but not least, make sure that the correct parts needed from all over the world, always arrive “undamaged” at exactly the right time so that we can keep everybody happy.
Now, imagine all of the above is followed exactly to procedure, the client is ecstatic to see their vehicle looking as good as new, yet we only get paid 30 – 60 days after the vehicle has already left our premises, and that’s being hopeful.

At Technicolour, our team is so nuts that they find this to be organised chaos and have no problem keeping this all under control, well… Most of the time.
In our series Between The Lines of Bodyshop’s we will give you an in-depth view of our circus and each and every step of the repair process.
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